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Customer Reviews for Cirque Musica

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Anonymous from Nashville, Tennessee
3rd February 2018

By far, and away the most fantastic show I have seen, in recent years. I don't know who the lady singing was, but she was fabulous. The entire show was excellent. She made it, for me, unforgettable. People of all ages were in the audience the night we saw the performance. From youngest, to oldest, everybody seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

Was this a practice show?

Kathleen from Whitby, Ontario
29th November 2018

The usually polished performance Inhave come to expect from Cirque du Soleil was missing from the performance I saw last night. Several performers fell during their acts and the story line didn't make any sense but not in the usual cirque dream like way. Many of the performances were amazing as should be expected but some of them felt like an audition for America'd Got Talent. It also would have been nice if security had stopped the audience from recording the whole thing on their cell phones.


Betty Dyck from Winnipeg, Manitoba
18th November 2023

I felt as if I was at my kids junior high play! Acting was very lame and cheesy! Music was not live as it usually is at a cirque show, except for one violinist (the only good part of this show). I usually LOVE any show put out by Cirque. Do NOT waste your money on this one!!!

Disappointing- prerecorded music, dumb story, annoying acting.

Marianne L from Dallas, Texas
24th December 2023

12/23/23 Expected a sophisticated cirque performance w/ fantasy, live music, high production value. Sat night, Winspear Opera house, holiday season should be top quality performance. No- annoying, overwrought, kids show quality acting. Shrill voiced lead screaming hysterically, & uninspired set. Terribly disappointed by lack of live music!! My heart sank & I almost apologized to my family after the cheesy opening number. The aerialists & acrobats saved the show. I felt bad for the couple who had to share the stage with the princess lead stomping around & singing beneath them. The character Twinkle was a great clown & the audience loved him! We delayed family travel, bought a new suit & wrangled 2 teen boys to this expecting something sophisticated & amazing. I wish we had gone to Dallas Winds instead.

Worst show I have see

Michaela jenkins from Edmonton, Alberta
24th November 2023

If no stars was an option, that is what I would have picked. My husband and two daughters took our neice for her birthday. Had we not brought her we would have left at intermission. I'm still bewildered how this was a professional show. The signing was off key, a 10 yearold could have written a better storyline. The whole show was a mess. The only thing that made this show feel like Christmas, is that they kept telling you it was. Save your money this was truely the worst show I have ever seen.

Save your money - Highly Disappointing Amateur Performance

Alison Fisher from Edmonton, Alberta
28th November 2023

If no stars were an option, that would be the rating we would give. This was the worst performance we have ever paid to see, and we left at the intermission - along with a lot of other people. It's a disgrace that they can even be allowed to use the name "Cirque" - very misleading as this was nowhere near the Cirque caliber. We've seen better high school performances, or acts on AGT. We can't believe this was sold as a professional show - where you had to pay actual money to go see it. There was no real storyline, the singing was a screeching mess and off key, the aerial performances were very basic and repetitive, and there was a fairy constantly jumping around the stage annoyingly adding no value at all. I hate giving really bad reviews, but this was truly the worst show we have ever seen, and we don't want others to waste their hard earned cash going to see it.